the use of graphite electrode

  Graphite Electrode is mainly usded for steel-making in electric furnace,mineral hot furnace and electric resistance furnace.Graphite electrode conducts electric current into the furnace.Electric current produces arc in the smelting district in the electric furnace,when the temperature increase to about 2000℃,smelting begins.Our a series of graphite electrode is applicable to the common furnace and high power furnace with high pressure and short arc.

  When loading and unloading the graphite electrodes by crane, a steel wire must be used as assistant tool. Hooking the bend of the package directly is prohibited. Before using the graphite electrodes, they need to dry near the electric furnace, the temperature should not exceed 150℃,the time should beyond 24 hours. When using the graphite electrodes, the workers must nip the steel bend by special tool, not by forklift.

  The graphite electrode must be stored in a clean and dry room. If the graphite electrode is pilled up outdoor, it must be covered with the waterproof cloth and the floors of the pile is prohibited more than 4. In the delivery of graphite electrodes, a waterproof cloth must be covered on the graphite electrodes. When workers are delivering and pilling up graphite electrodes by forklift, collision is prohibited. Only one floor is allowed put each time, and the workers must pay more attention to the balance of the graphite electrodes, it can avoid the graphite electrodes sliding and broken

  In the use of graphite electrodes , Clean open socket with compressed air, Screw nipple into socket carefully, not to damage threads. Bring down upper graphite electrode until opening between two electrode becomes 20 to 30mm. Clean out opening between graphite electrodes with compressed air. To avoid the graphite electrode breakage, remove any nonelectro conductive material from furnace. To avoid graphite electrode breakage be sure to place large scrap at furnace bottom and small scrap at top. Graphite electrodes should be stored in dry and clean place. To avoid shock and collision . Be sure to dry them up before use. Please feel free to contact us for the inquiry or demand of the graphite electrodes.