The graphite plates


  Graphite plates with different dimensions are machinined from the raw material of the graphite blocks , Graphite plates,It can be used to put as lining of metal tundish. The tundish function is to take the liquid steel slag and directing it to a nozzle for atomizing purpose. Our graphite plates can resist much higher temperature of over 2500 Centigrade,it can instead of cutting the plates from graphite electrodes.

  The advantages of the graphite plates is as below:

  1) High temperature resistance ,corrosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance ,good electric conductivity ,thermal conductivity, and also featured by strong mechanical strength at high temperature and low coefficient of thermal expansion

  2) Highly anisotropic, particularly in respect to electrical and thermal conductivity , graphite foils and sheets are available in different thickness, graphite sheets are manufactured u n-reinforced . impregnated or reinforced

  3) Graphite sheets made through the advanced chemical treatment and mechanical procedure without fibers ,binders, crack or other additives . it is excellent temperature resisting lubricating , electricity conductive as well as fireproof material for industrial application . and it offers excellent sealing capabilities under extreme conditions with a longer life and less maintenance.

  we can make the machining according to the requirements and use situation of the customers , and it can be dicided into three kinds with the different kind of material . isostagic graphite plates , moulded graphite plates and vibracation graphite plates . Graphite blocks have good resistance to thermal shock, oxidation and corrosion, and have suitable resistivity and homogenous structure. They have been used extensively in industries like solar, foundry, chemicals, electronics, ferrous metals, high-temp, processing, ceramics and refractory.

  graphite sheet disperse rate is over 50. as a result it can shorten the smelting time and reduce the production cost .