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All grades of the graphite electrodes

  The graphite electrode is mainly made from the petroleum coke and needle coke, coal tar pitch as the binder, after calcination, mixing, kneading, pressing, baking and graphitization, and made the processing machine, it is a conductor in an electric arc furnace to form arc release electricity for heating and melting of the charge, it can be divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra high power according to the quality index level.

  Graphite electrodes has compact and even structure, good electric conduction and heat-conducting properties, high mechanical strength and strong oxidization corrosion resistance at high temperature through calcination, intermediate crushing, screening, dosing, mixing, compression, roasting, high pressure impregnation, graphitization, machining and other processes, it is widely used for arc furnaces and submerged arc furnaces to smelt various alloy steel, yellow phosphorus, industry silicon, brown aluminum oxide and other alloy and nonmetal materials and is an important component of modern raw material industry.

  Graphite electrode is used in EAF and LF for steel making, as well as in electric smelting furnace for producing industrial silicon, phosphorus, etc. the graphite electrodes are widely use in electric furnaces and ladle refining furnaces for steel making and used in electric smelhing furnaces for producing industrial silicon, yellow phosphorus, corundum, nonmetals and so on. It is one essential part of the raw material industry.

  The programmable properties of the graphite electrodes: good electrical conductivity;high resistance to thermal shock; high mechanical strength.Our products are characterized by superior compact structure, good electrical and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and high resistance to oxidation and corrosion in high temperature.

  The advantage of the graphite electrode, graphite electrode is more and more widely used in the iron and steel industry.It makes less pollution and saves more power,it's good for our environment.The graphite electrode has long working-life,as it needn't to be changed often,that reduce the labor indensity of the works and avoid much danger.