Carbon fiber cloth/fabric

  Carbon fiber cloth is the carbon fiber sheet without the resin matrix, carbon fabrics offers many excellent properties: high strength, high modulus, high strength to weight ratio, thermal and electrical conductivity and very low coefficient of thermal expansion. Wide selection of sizes and weave patterns of the cloth provide unlimited designing potentials.

  Carbon fiber cloth has many applications and was widely used in aerospace, wind power, marine engineering, automobile decoration, sports equipment and medical device. Xite thermal engineering offers 3 types of carbon fiber cloth: 100% unidirectional carbon fiber cloth(1K,3K,6K,12K,24K,48K), 100% bidirectional carbon fiber cloth(1K,3K,6K,12K) and hybrid carbon fiber cloth(Glass/Carbon hybrid, Kevlar/carbon hybrid). The strength of our carbon fibers can achieved up to T700.

  Carbon fiber cloth manufactured in BEIJING GREAT WALL CO LTD has great fiber uniformity, and price. Customers are encouraged to request for size customization and free to choose from our three type of weave, plain, twill or satin. We also offers printing services for our fabric, allowing our customers to choose the best combination of product function and product quality.