graphite electrode

  Graphite electrode is mainly in the petroleum coke and needle coke, coal tar pitch as binder, calcination, mixing, kneading, pressing, baking and graphitization, and made the processing machine, is a conductor in an electric arc furnace to form arc release electricity for heating and melting of the charge, according to the quality index level, can is divided into ordinary power, high power and ultra high power.


  1, by the wet graphite electrode, before use to dry.

  2. Remove the foam plastic cap on the graphite electrode hole.

  3, compressed air oil and water to clean up the spare graphite electrode surface and the hole threads; avoid using wire or metal brush cleaning cloth regiment.

  4, the joint carefully into the end of the graphite electrode (not recommended directly into the furnace to replace the electrode removed) electrode hole, not to impact the thread.

  5, the electrode sling (the use of graphite material sling) screw into the other end of the electrode hole.

  6, lifting the electrode, the electrode to the standby pad fluffer joint end, to prevent the ground damage joints; rings with a hook into the spreader after lifting, lifting the electrode to smooth, prevent the electrode from B and other loose or fixed device collision.

  7, the electrode to be connected to standby hanging above the electrode, electrode alignment hole slowly after falling; rotating standby electrode, the spiral hook electrode together with rotation in two decline; the electrode surface is 10-20mm, again with the compressed air cleaning electrode two and exposed part of the joint end; at last completely decentralized electrode. Not too hard, otherwise because of violent collision, will cause the thread electrode hole and joint damage.

  8, use torque wrench to spare the electrode, until the end of the two electrodes in close contact (the electrode and the connection of the connection is less than 0.05mm).