Graphite tube pipe

  Different graphite materials are available for graphite tube pipe for different applications. Extruded, Vibrated, Reused, Impregnated and Oxidation resistant graphite tubes are available.

  Graphite tubes can be customerized and graphite materials can be selected as per your requirements .

  Our company supplies all kinds of graphite tube pipe for dryer, compressors, pumps, valves, chemicals, instruments, meters, etc.. We provide customized products depending on your

  sample or drawing, please contact us to learn more about our products.

  The graphite tube pipe are applied in many fields, such as furnaces because of graphite's low heat sensitivity;the production of fluxing tubes used in the metal manufacturing industry;Other industries using graphite tubes include chemical and scientific industry; Various types and diameters heating graphite tubes are used in heating vacuum furnace thermal field. Using graphite materials is in order to get high temperature.

  We can provide all kinds of the graphite tube pipe such as: High purity graphite pipe tube;15% graphite filled PTFE tube pipe;Fine grain long size custom graphite tube pipe for foundry;corrosion resisting Heat exchanger resin graphite tube graphite pipe;special treatment graphite heating tube high purity graphite pipe;sqaure graphite pipe;continous casting carbon graphite Pipe;Anti-Oxidation graphite pipe for mechanical lubricating;Customized high strength carbon graphite pipes for analysis.

  For large size graphite pipe, it can be used as a liquid pipelines in metal industry. For small size and good material graphite tube, it can be used as an analysis intrument.

  Graphite pipe and garphite tube are made from high quality graphite material, used for many area , such as chemical metallurgy, automotive, semiconductor and electronic industry and so on.all our the parts are manufactured into high quality graphite or fine structure graphite.

  The advantage of our service:Exact Machining;Professional engineering support;Patient and smiling business service;Large store of graphite material ensures quick delivery time. We promise to provide the good quality and best service, welcome everyone to purchase from us.