The graphite piping

  The graphite piping is a combination of non transparent graphite tube and pipe fittings, it can be divided into two kinds of graphite profiling tube and impregnation tube.

  Graphite profiling tube is made of the graphite powder and a certain proportion of the resin after mixing kneading and extruding, also known as the graphite plastic pipe. Graphite tube is used as heat exchanger tube.

  The impregnated graphite tube is divided into two categories, one is a thermoset resin graphite profiling tube , it’s got from roasting by high temperature (700 DEG C) and then impregnated with resin or we roast ,graphitiz and impregnate the extrusion pipe which as pitch the binder material. The former is called the carbonization tube, and the latter is called the graphite tube. This kind of graphite tube is also used for heat exchange tube; the other is the graphite rod which is processed into the tube and then impregnated with the resin, or the casting tube after the baking and impregnated with the resin. The casting pipe is cast by the mold after mixing the graphite powder and thermoset resin . The inner diameter of the graphite product is larger, it is mainly used for conveying pipe.

  The graphite piping has three links, four links, elbow, inner and outer joints, pipe end cover, pipe flange, plug, pipe compensator, etc.. In addition to the single or small batch production by the preparation method of bulk graphite impregnated after processing, the main graphite pipe is made by compression molding manufacturing method, namely, the natural or artificial graphite powder with a certain amount of thermoset resin at room temperature or heating atmospheric pressure or under pressure after molding, with a little amount of mechanical processing and heat treatment were prepared by dipping.

  The connection method of graphite piping has bonding, thread connection, flange or the open loop plus the way of the flange, etc.. Encrypted sealing element for plane contact surface. The long pipe, it need add pipeline compensator to eliminate the effects of thermal expansion and contraction, and it’s often fixed with support and rings. Sometimes the outer side of the graphite tube is reinforced with a metal shell.

  The Graphite piping is used for conveying corrosive medium without metal ion pollution, and it also has good thermal conductivity, it can be used as air cooling or water cooling purposes. In chlor alkali industry, the graphite piping is HCl synthesis and the ideal gas pipeline equipment between the cooling absorption unit.