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Resin graphite tube for graphite heat exchanger

  Resin graphite tube heat exchanger is now more and more used in chemical and steel industries,It’s unique properties make it unique and irreplaceable. The failure forms of the heat exchanger has two kinds: graphite tube breaking, graphite tube blasting.

  Graphite is a brittle material, when the flange is be connected, it can not be unrestricted use of torque, so the corresponding different graphite materials to use the correct torque, so that the device can be guaranteed. Often a lot of times when the torque is not correct will cause the leakage of equipment and the destruction of graphite materials.

  The key components of graphite heat exchanger are composed of corrosion resistant graphite.

  After asphalt mixing, extrusion (or vibration forming), the graphite grains are formed at high temperature, and graphite grains become graphite materials. The present industrial level (i.e., the graphite material in the liquid phase under the condition of not high pressure and temperature). In order to allow the graphite pieces to work under the conditions of the technical requirements, impregnation is the only guarantee of the process of the non permeability.

  The graphite material is pressed into the space by the dipping process or the organic or inorganic liquid material (dipping agent). To form a impregnated graphite in the void.

  There are many kinds of impregnant, but practice has proved that the thermosetting phenolic resin has the best overall performance,and it’s main graphite impregnating agent. The performance of impregnated graphite in the relevant standards, also for phenolic impregnated graphite.

  The influence of impregnation parameters on the quality of impregnation was very important ,with the phenolic resin as an example,viscosity and moisture content of resin, impregnation time of process and control of temperature and pressure.