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The development of quartz crucible

  Quartz crucible, with high purity and strong heat resistance, large size, high precision, good heat preservation, energy saving, stable quality and other advantages, is applied more and more widely. Detection of the quartz crucible is a very important link, and the detection of the quartz crucible toward the direction of the development of field detection

  1 Quartz crucible can be used in the 1450 degrees below, divided into two kinds of transparent and opaque. With arc discharge method, translucent quartz crucible is pulling large diameter single crystal silicon, the development of large scale integrated circuit essential base material. Today, the world semiconductor industry in developed countries has used this crucible instead of small transparent quartz crucible. He has high purity and strong heat resistance, large size high precision, good heat insulation, energy saving, stable quality etc..

  2, Cannot touch the HF and, at high temperature, and carbonate was easily caustic and alkali metal.

  3 Quartz crucibles suitable for use K2S2O7, KHSO4 and Na2S207 as flux melted samples (first drying at 212 degrees) as flux sample.

  4 Quartz brittle, easily broken, use caution.

  5 Except HF,

  Ordinary dilute inorganic acid can be used as a cleaning fluid. The common drawing for single crystal silicon quartz crucible 18 inch and 20 inch 22 inch has 22 or more of the manufacturers use crucible. The productions of domestic production of large crucible crucible technology manufacturers currently are relatively mature. The production of raw materials using quartz sand imported from the United States and Norway high pure quartz sand two. There are also small factory using quartz crucible domestic materials production of raw materials for the drawing of single crystal silicon and its stability are affected.

  The crucible production coating technology has been most manufacturers use is ordinary quartz sand in the dissolution of the crucible surface coated with a layer of barium peroxide solution to form a dense layer and the dense layer can prevent silicon high temperature drawing process of silicon and quartz crucible reaction crystal forming rate is improved.

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