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A brief introduction of silicon carbide crucible

  The silicon carbide crucible is a bowl shaped container with a deep ceramic bottom. When solid is heated by fire, crucible must be used, because it can withstand high temperature more than glassware. This is also the reason why the silicon carbide crucible is used by the public. First of all, the use of the silicon carbide crucible is introduced, hoping to help everyone.

  The crucible usually does not fill the melt too much to prevent the heat from jumping out and allowing the air to pass in and out freely to allow for possible oxidation. Because the bottom of the crucible is very small, it is usually needed to be heated directly by the fire on the mud triangle. The crucible can be placed on the iron tripod by either positive or oblique, and can be set up according to the requirements of the experiment. The crucible must not be placed on the cold metal table immediately after heating so as to avoid its rupture due to rapid cooling. You can't put it on the wooden table immediately to avoid burning the desk or causing fire. The correct method is to cool the holder on the iron tripod or to cool it on the asbestos net.

  In some solid in high temperature processing, we need to use the crucible, because compared to ordinary glass crucible can withstand higher temperatures, here mainly recommended silicon carbide crucible, following on from the North carbon graphite products manufacturers to introduce the industrial value of silicon carbide crucible.

  As the name suggests, the main raw material of silicon carbide crucible is silicon carbide, and the main characteristic of SiC crucible is due to silicon carbide. SiC is also called emery, chemical formula is SiC, it is made of quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal tar), sawdust and other raw materials through the resistance furnace high temperature smelting materials. SiC content in silicon carbide is about 95% of the black silicon carbide has a strong toughness, high temperature characteristics, silicon carbide crucible is made of the black silicon carbide, silicon carbide crucible at high temperature in the process of using low thermal expansion coefficient, for rapid heating and cooling has good anti strain performance, good to have pH the corrosion resistance is a good chemical stability of the products. Silicon carbide crucible has good performance in metallurgical, mechanical, chemical and other industrial sectors depending on its good performance.

  The performance of the silicon carbide crucible is good. It has good performance in metal smelting and alloy smelting, and has excellent technical and economic results in industry.

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