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How to choose the right graphite crucible

  In general, the graphite crucible before using the inspection work, should do the following main points:

  1. first of all, to check whether there is a crack in the graphite crucible before work, no cracks need to heat the graphite crucible to more than 600 degrees C and fully dry.

  2. water around a stove and furnace before the pit, near the graphite crucible do not stack irrelevant articles.

  3. strict inspection charge no explosives, add burden must be preheated and ensure drying, adding graphite crucible slower.

  Graphite crucible before use, we must do the above points, otherwise it is likely to lead to the graphite crucible in use when the explosion risk.

  The main purpose of the experimental material is graphite crucible heating heating, the general use of solid materials of graphite crucible heating experiments, graphite crucible with a variety of models, can choose the crucible type according to the number and type of material required for heating and heat expansion degree. In general, we should pay attention not to let the material to be heated with the crucible when using graphite crucible, that is very dangerous, not only easy to cause the accident and the experiment of graphite crucible, life will have a huge impact. In addition, attention should be paid to the fact that the crucible is normally heated to four or five Baidu. This time, it is very dangerous to not place graphite crucible or touch graphite crucible with hand.

  1, the graphite crucible refractory requirements are very high, therefore, we must staple food graphite crucible raw material fire resistance, so that graphite crucible can make more safe use;

  2, we often use graphite crucible and a variety of corrosive chemical smelting, therefore, the chemical stability of the graphite crucible is also very important, so that it can reduce corrosion;

  3, graphite crucible hardness and toughness is also the factors we need to consider, to avoid brittle fracture of graphite crucible in use.

  The above is when we make the graphite crucible, we should choose the material selection method, only in accordance with the above standards to select materials, can let graphite crucible can more fully play its performance.

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