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Effect of anode graphite felt acid treatment on the performance of microbial fuel cell

  According to the change of the surface wettability of graphite felt, the operation conditions of Shi Mozhan's treatment were determined. The graphite felt acid treated with nitric acid treated as an electrode material, the surface wettability of graphite felt significantly increased after acidification treatment, the surface contact angle decreased with graphite felt, graphite felt nitric acid is used as electrode material, current output increased and stable.

  Microbial fuel cell is a microbial as the anode catalyst, can be directly in the water samples can be degraded organic compounds of chemical energy into electrical energy.

  The performance of anode material usually directly affects the rate of electron transfer and mass transfer, and then affects the performance of the sensor.

  Graphite felt has good conductivity, large surface area, high mechanical strength, so often used as anode materials, electrochemical activity but Shi Mozhan often fail to use electrode material requirements, mainly for microbial adhesion is weak, the modification is the main method to improve the activity of carbon materials, the hydrophilicity of the material surface the greatly improved after treatment to mass transfer of microbial growth and substrate adsorption.

  Commonly used carbon materials modification methods include acid treatment "heat treatment" electrochemical oxidation treatment and ammonia treatment, acid treatment with convenient operation, good effect and so on.

  The wettability of graphite felt surface affects the adsorption of cells on the surface of the surface and the mass transfer capability, the contact angle is generally used to indicate that the smaller the contact angle, the better the wettability of the material.

  Nitric acid treatment improved the wettability of graphite felt, and promoted the adhesion of microorganisms on the surface of the surface, so that the rapid growth of microorganisms in the graphite felt electrode enrichment, the formation of a stable biofilm.