The Graphite felt

  PAN based plate felt as the material, the high temperature of graphite to make carbon felt, can be used as a variety of high temperature vacuum furnace insulation materials, but also can be used as carbon / carbon composite material.

  Application case:

  The products involved in the field of aerospace, vacuum metallurgy, photovoltaic solar new energy, new chemical materials, is the kinds of domestic products, research and development capabilities of the strongest specializing in the production of hard composite mat and batch production of high-temperature high purity graphite felt material manufacturers. Main production carbon felt, graphite felt, hard composite mat, ancillary products are mainly molybdenum wire, carbon cloth, carbon rope, etc., products widely used in all kinds of high temperature vacuum furnace equipment (such as: single crystal growth furnace, polycrystalline casting furnace, polycrystalline reduction furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, hot pressing furnace, heat balance of furnace, induction furnace, non oxidizing atmosphere high temperature equipment, high purity silicon hydrogenation furnace, etc.).

  Features: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, small specific heat capacity, good thermal insulation, high purity, low ash, soft and soft properties, and a high degree of shape retention. In the high temperature environment of vacuum or inert gas, the performance of thermal insulation material is very good and stable, which is a good thermal insulation material of silicon and polycrystalline silicon.