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the High pure graphite rods and ordinary graphite rod

  Ordinary graphite cudgels pure graphite rod difference density and porosity of graphite rods, graphite rods without impregnation and calcination, is the use of graphite powder and binder extrusion molding, strength and density are very soft, falling dust, easy to loose. Greatly reduce the graphite conductive and lubrication characteristics. There is the use of graphite powder particles of different sizes, the graphite materials are of high purity graphite as raw materials for processing the high pure graphite graphite rod is used mostly recycled graphite powder, graphite powder is recycled some recycled graphite products used in pulverizing with binder molding, graphite powder so this impure, graphite raw materials produced graphite particles of coarse, large pores, trachoma and more. Mainly used for carbon arc gouging carbon rod cutting foundry, appearance is coated with a layer of copper to moisture conductive around.

  Pure graphite rod has high density, high strength, high purity graphite made, than ordinary graphite rod is to wear a little, but also relative wear resistance, some graphite products need to in the rotating device, so this requires ultra high pure graphite abrasion resistance, because there will be dust in repeated rotation friction thus, high purity graphite product itself is not very wear-resistant.

  the high purity materials simple ink manufactured by high purity graphite of high purity graphite rods with the same specific, high purity graphite rod belongs to artificial graphite, graphite powder is called asphalt binder or coal oil coke after high pressure extrusion molding machine, and then after several high-temperature roasting and impregnation, the inside of the graphite the adhesive has evaporated, and fill the gap by impregnation evaporation, so stomatal production and processing of high pure graphite rods, chlamydia, has the advantages of high density, high hardness, wear resistance, high strength characteristics.

  Application environment of high purity graphite rod:

  High pure graphite rod electrothermal commonly used in high temperature vacuum furnace body, a graphite rod maximum temperature is 3000 degrees centigrade, the graphite rods are easily oxidized at high temperature in vacuum, the graphite rods only in the neutral atmosphere or reducing atmosphere in use. Its lower thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, resistance coefficient (8~13) * 10-6 Omega - m, SiC, MoSi2 processing is good, high temperature resistance, resistance to extreme heat is good, the price is cheaper.