PAN graphite felt

  The pan based Graphite felt was treated by a special process high temperature graphitization, with light weight,high carbon content,ablation resistance,corrosion resistance,high purity,high temperature without volatile,small coefficient ofthermal conductivity,without any deformation.

  The graphite felt is normally classified into asphaltic based graphite felt, PAN based graphite felt &rayon-based graphite felt.

  The mainly application of the graphite felt is electric conduction in the photovoltaic industry, as the heat retaining material, thermal insulation material for the smelting furnace and vacuum furnace, and in chemical industry it could be the filtration material. it is used to vacuum furnace(especially suitable for the single crystal furnace) as insulation heat preservation material,also can be used as infrared heating wire and electrode materials.

  The graphite felt is formed after above 2000℃ high temperature treatment under inert gas or vacuum. The polypropylene cyano is the major raw material. The polypropylene cyano carbon felt or rayon-based carbon feltis cuttd into the specific dimension, and loaded into the graphite vessel after rolled. The graphite vessel will be setted in the high temperature furnace, protected in vacuum or by high pure inert gas. It's heated up to 2200-2500℃with the heating rate 100-300℃/h, then get the final product after naturally cooled to 100℃ .

  Our products involved in the field of aerospace, vacuum metallurgy, solar new energy, new chemical materials, we are the manufacturer which is specializing in the production of rigid composite graphite felt and high temperature and high purity graphite felt materials for domestic in China. The main products are carbon felt, graphite felt,rigid composite graphite felt and the auxiliary products such as carbon cloth, carbon rope and so on ,our products are widely used in all kinds of high temperature vacuum furnace equipments such as single crystal growth furnace, polycrystalline casting furnace, polycrystalline furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, hot pressing furnace, heat balance furnace and electric magnetic induction furnace ,non-oxidizing atmosphere high temperature equipment and high purity silicon hydrogenation furnace etc..