Rigidized carbon graphite felt

  The carbon/graphite felt have the characteristics of light weight, high tensile, abrasion resistance and excellent eletctrical and are widely used in semiconductor, energy , machinery and other inductrial fields as thermal insulation material.. Since these furnaces work at extremely high temperatures, it is necessary to have insulation material that can withstand such high temperatures. Moreover, for energy conserving purposes, quality heat insulation material is the best choice. We pride ourselves in the ability to offer first class technical backup to our customer base. we produce all of our own carbon and graphite thermal insulation materials under the strictest quality standards.Flat, board and cylindrical shapes of products are available, it’swidley used in high vacuum and furnace f inert gas..

  The rayon based rigid graphite felt and pan based rigid graphite felt are processed for inert or vacuum furnaces up to 2500 D.C. Graphite foil or paint can be covered on surfaces to reduce dusting,out gassing,or applied as heat reflection.

  The graphite felt is normally classified into asphaltic based graphite felt, PAN based graphite felt &rayon-based graphite felt. The mainly application is electric conduction in the photovoltaic industry, as the heat retaining material, thermal insulation material for the smelting furnace and vacuum furnace, and in chemical industry it could be the filtration material, it can be used for Vacuum Furnace, High Temperature Sintering Furnace, Solar Silicon Furnace, crystal growth furnace, inert atmosphere furnaces, semiconductor furnace, multicrystalline DSS, Directional Solidification System(DSS) furnaces.

  Graphite rigid felt is a shaped machined insulating material made of graphite fiber or felt and carbon binding.It is new material based on PAN-Carbon and graphite felt and bonded with special binding agent. With properties of rigid, smooth surface, low specific gravity,good anti-bending and compression strength, it can be used in vacuum furnace for heat insulation,in order to prevent fluffing, the felt can be surface-treated by special coating, graphite paper/cloth liner,etc.