Pressed graphite crucibles

  Graphite crucible which includes (1), the static pressure molding silicon carbide - graphite crucible, (2) plastic forming (3) the plastic forming of molten copper, (4) lead cast special clay graphite crucible.

  (1) The static pressure forming silicon carbide - graphite crucible series

  It can also be divided into high temperature copper and copper alloy, special crucible for melting zinc and special crucible for melting. This series of crucible by isostatic pressure shaping, high density, high intensity. The material of the high purity natural flake graphite, high purity silicon carbide is used as main material and add advanced antioxidant and anti - corrosion agent, using resin as binder, the product has quick heat conduction, using ordered taller efficiency energy-saving features, has been widely used by many high-end melting, casting used by customers. Under the same condition, the average operating life is about four times of the ordinary clay crucible, and the same as the conventional crucible, which saves energy by 1/3. Energy saving crucible.

  (2) plastic forming molten aluminium crucible

  The series products are made of advanced formula, special equipment for forming equipment. The domestic leading level of melting aluminum crucible with plastic molding. Product thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance characteristics. For about three months to melt aluminum. And cost is high, the current has been used by the molten aluminum customers.

  (3) a special crucible for plastic forming

  This series of products is a common clay graphite crucible. Our company has accumulated decades of experience in the production, and after a series of transformation and upgrading, so that the series of products, stable performance, antioxidant, thermal shock resistance and corrosion resistance are better than similar products in the same industry. Simply referred to as the common crucible.

  (4) lead cast special clay graphite crucible.

  Lead cast products, is our company's patented product. This product is used for copper, copper processing, has one's own knack in. Life in the domestic lead, can be as long as three to five months. And the performance of the non domestic other manufacturers can be stable.