Flexible graphite roll sheet

  The flexible graphite sheet and rolls is made from high purity graphite, it is used can be expanded graphite particles formed by the high temperature expansion of repression, it retains the high temperature crystalline flake graphite, corrosion resistant, self lubricating, etc.The flexible graphite roll is made by flake graphite with high carbon content, which is gone through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling.

  The flexible graphite sheet has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity.Flexible graphite sheet sevrve as the basic material for making all kinds of reinforced graphite sheets, graphite tapes, packing and sealing gaskets. Workingtemperature-200~650ºC(in air),-200~3000ºC(in non-oxidizing media).

  Flexible graphite sheet, normally we call it "Expanded Graphite Sheet", it is made of nature graphite flake. Expanded graphite rolls is chemically treated graphite interaction compound.This interaction compound is then rapidly heated to decomposition.the result is a rapid expansion of the particle size. Then they are formed into graphite sheets by rolling.

  Graphite sheet is a kind of thermal inferface materials with a high performance and low cost. It is used in the occasion of without electrical insulation. It has low thermal resistivity,light weight features and uniform heat conduction along the X,Y direction. Its special unique grain-oriented, lamellar structure will be well adapted to any surface, thus make heat conduction to optimization.its surface can be combined with metal, plastic, pressure-sensitive-adhesive materials to meet more design function and needs. This product can be cutted into special sizes according to customer requirements.

  High thermal natural graphite sheet is new thermal conductive material, with heat conduction along two directions, shield heat and components while improving consumer electronic products performance

  We also can produce the heat-conductive synthetic graphite sheet.This material is synthetically made of graphite polymer, super thin, high thermal conductive, and flexible. It has been widely used in small high integrated electronic applications. It can be cut into customized size and shape, backed with adhesive and membrane. It is an ideal material as heat spreader or as heat sink in limited space.