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Carbon graphite anode plate rod for Electrolysis industry

  Carbon/graphite plate Rod are made by low ash raw material, with high temperature graphitizing and ash handling treatment. Mainly used in electrolysis and electroplating industry. these carbon/graphite plate/ros work as the exclusive anode material in the electrolytic cells for generating fluorine gas or sulfur hexafluoride gas.

  Graphite plate rod for non-metallic products, as a necessary in the process of carbon arc air gouging cutting cutting in front of the welding consumables, is made of carbon, graphite, and the proper adhesive, by extrusion forming, after 2200 ℃ baking spin segments is made by a layer of copper plating, high temperature resistance, good electrical conductivity, not easy to break, suitable for metal cutting into the shape of a meets the requirements.

  Graphite plate rod is most frequently used in the heating element of high temperature vacuum furnace, and the highest temperature of the graphite rod can reach 3000℃. It’s also widely used in a heat source or heat radiation of high-temperature environments and other various mechanical friction conditions. It has such traits as high thermal conductivity, high thermal stability, temperature shock resistance and excellent electronic property.

  The applications of the carbon /graphite plate or rod:Electrodes, anodes, cathodes, resistors, whisking rods, special structural parts, etc;In metallurgy, mechanical engineering;Chemical & electrochemical industry, glass & ceramics and other industries.

  The properties of the carbon /graphite plate or rod:Fine grain;High density and high mechanical strength;High thermal and chemical resistance;High resistance to thermal shock;Proper electrical conductivity.

  The typical sizes of the carbon graphite rod :Diameter (mm) 2-30 and Length (mm) 300-600.

  Other diameters and lengths are available on request.

  We can provide all kinds of the graphite materials for different applications.please contact us at any time if you need our our graphite products such as carbon graphite plate or rods.


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