Flexible Graphite

  Flexible graphite, which is really flexible and resilient, is called expanded graphite and vermicular graphite, who is pure graphite material not containing any binder or adhesive substances, and which owns features of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, radiation resistance and anisotropic resistance, and which also can be applied in lubricating. Flexible graphite particles can be produced into mechanical sealing product, such as, graphite sheet foil, graphite packing ring, stainless steel graphite spiral-wound gasket. By the way, flexible graphite product can produced in different shape to meet different shape demands.

  As for property, in crystral structure aspect, there is no difference existing between flexible graphite and ordinary graphite. However, because of different produce flow, flexible graphite has its unique edge, such as, advanced thermal stability(high temperature resistant, low temperature, high heat conductivity and low thermal expansion rate), chemical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, self-lubrication, excellent mechanical ability.

  As for application, flexible graphite product has been appllied in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, chemical, pesticide, thermal power, metallurgy, aviation, machinery, nuclear industry and so on, which definately is an outstanding sealing material for pumps, valves, piping and other equipment. In 1980s, an American announced that his experiment shows the perfmance of graphite equipment made by flexible graphite is far better than that made by impregnated graphite.

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