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The main advantages of carbon carbon composites

  Carbon carbon composites (CFC) is a kind of material formed by high strength carbon fiber and carbon matrix which has been processed by enhancement graphitization,it can be widely used in various structure, heater and vessel under the high temperature environment .

  Carbon carbon composites (CFC) has the following advantages compared with the traditional engineering materials of :

  1).High strength (5 times steel).

  2).High temperature resistance (it can still maintain excellent mechanical and electrical properties under 2000℃).

  3).Thermal shock resistance.

  4).The low coefficient of thermal expansion.

  5).The small thermal capacity.

  6).The low density (1.7).

  7).The excellent corrosion resistance and radiation performance.

  The main application fields of carbon carbon composites are:

  1).The field of aerospace. Carbon carbon composites (CFC) can be used for aircraft wing and fuselage, satellite antenna and its support structure, the wing and shell of solar cell, the verton composite shell of large carrier rocket, engine casing, The shuttle structure parts manufacturing because of it has good thermal stability, high specific strength and stiffness.

  2).Automotive industry. Carbon carbon composites (CFC) can be used in the manufacture of the automobile body, the force support element, the transmission shaft, the engine frame and its internal components because of the characteristics of the carbon carbon composite materials such as the special vibration damping,vibration damping and noise reduction, anti fatigue performance, damage is easy to repair, convenient integral forming,

  3).The Chemical, textile and machinery manufacturing.Carbon carbon composites (CFC) is the material which composited by the carbon fiber with good corrosion resistance and resin matrix material, it can be used in the manufacture of chemical equipment, textile machines, paper machines, copying machines, high-speed machine tools, precision instruments, etc.

  4).The medical science.Carbon carbon composites (CFC)has excellent mechanical properties and non-absorbing of X-rays characteristic,it can be used in the manufacture of medical X-ray machines and orthopedic frame etc.. Carbon carbon composites materials also has biological tissue compatibility and blood compatibility, good stability in biological environment, it also can be used as biomedical materials.

  5).Carbon carbon composites (CFC) are also used in the manufacture of sports devices and used as building materials, etc..