Carbon Fiber Composite

  Carbon Fiber Composite is a new kind of structual material which developed obviously in recent ten years. Carbon fiber can be composited with resin, plastic, glass, ceramic, metal and other material, after which the material become high in strength, light in weight and good in rigidity.

  All in all development prospect of carbon fiber composite material is really wide.

  Carbon fiber composite material can reduce the weight of aircraft, missiles, spacecraft in a large extent, which is a very nice way to improve payload of those craft. For example, some foreign aircraft and missiles reduce 20% to 30% weight by replace its material by carbon fiber composite. When intercontinental missiles and satellites are flying at a high speed, high temperature of thousand degree was generated by the frictioncraft between skin of craft and air. In order to ensure those craft run in good condition, special protective layer was invented. In fact most of those protective layer was machined by carbon fiber composite material.

  Those protective layer made by carbon fiber composite have been used widely. At present, carbon fiber material have been used in following fields: fan blade of aircraft engine, floor of aircraft cabin and floor beam, landing gear of aircratf, brake pads, and etc. By the way, carbon fiber composite also can be applied in human body.