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Activated carbon fiber felt for air purification

  Activated carbon fiber felt is a kind of high efficient adsorption material which is made of man-made fiber by low temperature carbonization, high temperature carbonization and activation. The product has abundant micropores and high specific surface area, low acid, alkali and ash content, good conductivity and chemical stability; the product has not only excellent adsorption performance, but also has good ability of reduction, adsorption and desorption speed, it can be used repeatedly. This product is mainly used for organic solvent recovery, air purification, sewage treatment, medical care, protective clothing, electronic and energy field, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance environment.

  The material can be used for making air filter, activated carbon fiber felt can adsorb the O3 ,SO2 and NO2 in the air and other harmful gases, such as odor, toxic gas, and smoke, etc., and it can be used for cleaning indoor air, kitchen utensils and other polluted indoor air.

  The features of the activated carbon fiber are as follows:1). 800-1600m2 specific surface area, with abundant neatly arranged adsorption micropore (micropore volume accounted for about 80% of the total pore volume) pore diameter is 10-40A. 2). It contain abundant organic functional groups and has good redox properties and excellent adsorption function of organic substances and inorganic impurities in both gas phase and liquid phase. It has good performance of desorption and regeneration, and can be reused. 3). High strength, low consumption, good filling performance and adaptability, winding equipment.it will not produce loose and excessive packing phenomenon under the vibration.4).It has the property such as acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance and good conductivity.

  We also can produce the fiber-type activated carbon filtration net or cell foam activated carbon filtration net products.the high quality activated carbon powder is adhered on the fiber filter cotton substrate by the high molecular material. The product not only has the function of filtration, but also it can remove the harmful substances such as benzene,formaldehyde and others in the air effectively,and the absorption rate of the benzene is about 95%. It’s mainly used in air conditioning, air cleaners, water purification and gas adsorption, etc..