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PAN Based Rigid Composite Graphite Felt

  The rigid composite graphite felt is based on PAN based carbon felt as the base material after above 2200 degrees high temperature graphitization treatment, and then treated through carbonization and graphitization by special adhesive composite.

  The rigid composite graphite felt has certain rigidity, self support, the proportion of small, low thermal conductivity, no fiber shedding and the using temperature can reach 3200 DEG C. It’s suitable for various types of furnace types such as high pressure gas quenching furnace, pressure sintering furnace, polycrystalline casting furnace, single crystal growth furnace (sapphire), etc. the utility model can provide various shapes such as flat plate, disc and cylinder, etc. It has the advantages of long service life, it’s convenient to install and dismantle.

  The biggest feature of our rigid composite graphite felt compared with the similar products are: high treatment temperature, low impurities, high purity (<200ppm) it is especially suitable for high temperature furnace which has the high furnace atmosphere requirements; high temperature heat insulation material provides excellent thermal properties and high mechanical strength, it can be customized according to the drawings; maximum standard board on the market, the utilization rate is high (1500*1200* thickness according to customer requirements, the error is + 2); coverage /coating (①Attaching the graphite sheet on the surface or putting the graphite sheet between the material, ②SiC coating on the surface , ③pasting the carbon cloth on the surface); excellent thermal insulation property; the purity is less than 200ppm after 2200 DEG C high temperature; it’s applicable to all kinds of vacuum furnace, induction furnace, polycrystalline ingot furnace; it has high corrosion resistance and it’s easy to process.

  Our products involved in the field of aerospace, vacuum metallurgy, solar new energy, new chemical materials, we are the manufacturer which is specializing in the production of rigid composite graphite felt and high temperature and high purity graphite felt materials for domestic in China. The main products are carbon felt, graphite felt,rigid composite graphite felt and the auxiliary products such as carbon cloth, carbon rope and so on ,our products are widely used in all kinds of high temperature vacuum furnace equipments such as single crystal growth furnace, polycrystalline casting furnace, polycrystalline furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, hot pressing furnace, heat balance furnace and electric magnetic induction furnace ,non-oxidizing atmosphere high temperature equipment and high purity silicon hydrogenation furnace etc..