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Friction properties and friction mechanism of carbon carbon composites

  Carbon carbon composites is one kind of high performance friction material, which has been successfully applied in the aviation industry.

  Compared with other friction materials, carbon carbon composite materials with low density, high temperature resistant, high strength, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, good vibration resistance and suitable friction coefficient and friction performance, is a comprehensive performance ,excellent high temperature friction material. Carbon carbon composites have become the preferred material for aircraft brake discs.

  In addition to do the brake disc, carbon carbon composite material can also be used as sliding bearing material and piston of internal combustion engine.

  As the friction material, carbon carbon composites will be more widely used. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the tribological properties of carbon carbon composites for guiding and promoting the application of carbon friction materials.

  Carbon carbon composites reinforced with carbon fiber, matrix for the pyrolysis of carbon, the two are amorphous carbon. But in terms of its microstructure, carbon fiber and carbon fiber are randomly layer graphite structure. And the lamellar structure is different from that of pure graphite. Therefore, the friction behavior of carbon carbon composites can not be explained by the interlayer slip theory of graphite crystals.

  The type of matrix is an important factor to influence the friction and wear properties. In two different density of carbon / carbon composites, medium density of carbon / carbon composite has good friction performance, which has low coefficient of friction, the wear volume than low density and high density of carbon / carbon composite low one order of magnitude. In the process of friction and wear, the change of friction coefficient of various carbon carbon composites is not the same.

  Carbon fiber orientation has a strong influence on the friction and wear properties of carbon / carbon composites,at low speeds, when the parallel fiber on friction surface, the wear rate is much lower than the fiber perpendicular to the direction of the friction surface to, while the friction coefficient fiber perpendicular to the direction of the friction surface is much higher than; at high speed, friction coefficient and wear rate are not big difference, Z to increase the fiber content, can improve the rate of the thermal conductivity of the carbon carbon composite, reduce friction surface temperature, will influence the carbon / carbon composite friction and wear properties