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Application of carbon carbon composite material in semiconductor manufacturing industry

  Carbon carbon composite material is carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites, with high strength, high modulus, high dimensional stability, high conductivity, high fracture toughness, low density, heat expansion coefficient is small, thermal shock resistance, ablation resistance, chemical inertness and a series of advantages, as a new type of resistance material for high temperature structural and functional integration engineering development rapidly.

  At present, widely used in aerospace aircraft structural materials, solid motor nozzle, civil, military aircraft and racing friction brake materials, as well as biological engineering structural materials.

  At first because of the relatively high price of C / C composites limits its application in the field of industrial, in recent years, with the carbon fiber raw material and manufacturing cost reduced, C / C composites manufacturing technology and high-tech industry demand, it by the aerospace field gradually into the industrial field, used to replace the other materials.

  Now, the silicon furnace lining, lining board, heating body, heat insulation screen, flow guide tube, crucible and other important thermal field components are manufactured with high purity graphite. But the strength of graphite is low, the brittleness is big, and it is easy to crack under the action of alternating thermal stress and electromagnetic force.

  Using C / C composite design and manufacturing of thermal field component has excellent mechanical properties, and is resistant to vibration, ablation resistance and comprehensive performance is much better than that of graphite. The wall thickness of the thermal field is much thinner than that of the graphite piece (C/C single crystal silicon furnace thermal insulation liner, the thickness is only 3 ~ 5 mm, and the corresponding graphite parts need 10 mm). The space occupied by the components is small, the quality of the heat field component is reduced, the thermal inertia of the equipment is reduced, and the service life of the parts is greatly improved due to the good performance of the C/C material. Therefore, it is necessary to make the C/C composite material instead of graphite.