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Manufacture process of carbon carbon composite material

  Carbon carbon composite material is carbon fiber reinforced carbon matrix composites.

  Carbon carbon composite material is derived from an unexpected discovery. In 1958, the United States VOUGHT CHANCE Laboratory,Carbon matrix was obtained from the carbon / phenolic experiment because of the failure of the operation. As a result, a new member of the composite family has been added.

  The main preparation procedure of carbon carbon composite material is : preform molding, densifying and graphitization. Densification technology is the key technology of carbon carbon composite material. The densification methods of carbon carbon composite material are mainly divided into two categories: vapor deposition and liquid phase impregnation, liquid phase impregnation is divided into resin impregnation and asphalt impregnation.

  The typical process of gas phase deposition: the prefabricated reinforcement is placed in a special gas-phase deposition furnace to be heated to the required temperature,through the pyrolysis of hydrocarbon gases, the carbon is deposited on the preformed carbon fibers and voids in the preform. The body is called the carbon.

  In the gas phase deposition process, the main factors that influence the densification effect are the transmission speed and the change of the gaseous precursor.Learning reaction dynamics. The advantages of vapor deposition densification process is that the properties of the substrate are good, the degree of densification is easy to be controlled, the disadvantage is that the the production cycle is too long, the production efficiency is very low.

  The typical process of resin impregnation process is that the prefabricated reinforcement is placed in the impregnation pot, and the resin immersion preform is used in the vacuum state,Then the resin is soaked through the whole preform, and then the prefabricated body is put into the curing tank to carry out the pressure solidification.

  Carbonization under the protective atmosphere in the carbonization furnace. Due to the decomposition of non carbon elements in the carbonization process, the pre carbonization of the preformIn the formation of a lot of pores, therefore, the need for multiple impregnation, curing, carbonization, in order to achieve the desired effect of density.