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The brief of carbon/graphite felt

  Carbon felt is made up of carbon fiber and felt like,it divided into two categories,classificated by raw materials. RAYON and PAN.

  Carbon felt has the properities as the bulk graphite,such as: high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance,non melting etc.meanwhile,it’s also low density,flexible, elastic, collapsible, clipping, suture as the fiber.

  Carbon felt is widely used as the high temperature heat insulation material for high temperature furnace(eg.high temperature carbon tube furnace), high temperature induction furnace and vacuum coating furnace.as it has a low invasion with molten metal,ceramic and glass etc.so it could be used as a surface coverings of these material,to reduce the heat loss.The fiber in the carbon felt whose diameter is less than 10μm,so it’s also good using as catalyst carrier.

  The carbon carbon composite material products used with carbon felt could be used as nose cone, throat material in the aerospace industry.The main specification of carbon felt are:bulk density,carbon contant,ash,strength, thermal conductivity, oxidative weightlessness, tensile strength etc.

  Graphite felt need the carbon felt under vacuum conditions and with 2000 degrees Celsius heat treatment.the carbon contant is higher than carbon felt,more than 99%.the technology is that fill the RAYON carbon felt or PAN carbon felt in to a graphite material container and put the container into high temperature furnace,meanwhile, ensure that the vacuum in the furnace or inert gas is filled, heating-up the temperature to 2200~2500 degrees celsius,and then chill-down 100 degrees celsius,the graphite felt is done.

  The main use of graphite felt is heat insulating material of Single crystal silicon smelting furnace,It also could be used as filter material.the working temperature could get 3000 degrees celsius under non oxidizing atmosphere.