The use of Graphite Tubes

  Graphite Tubes are mainly used in the industries , and according to the production procedure difference , it can be divied into two major kinds , one is machined by the pure graphite material , such as the isostatic graphite material , moulded graphite material , extruded graphite material and vibracation graphite material , machining from the raw material in the machine . the other kind is pressed directly by moulds.

  Graphite Tubes and are widely used in the Tooling (EDM), Mould Making (EDM), and General Manufacturing industries. Graphite Tubes are typically used in roughing EDM applications. They can also be used as flux tubes in the high temperature sintering industry.

  We are engaged in manufacturing a wide range of high quality graphite tubes which can be used for making equipments as well as can be used for piping work. Graphite tubes can be used for handling corrosive vapors and flu.

 Graphite tubes features:

  •  Impervious, Hydro-tested upto 5kg/cm2 pressure.
  •  Excellent corrosion resistance.
  •  Excellent heat transfer.
  •  Repairable as compare to glass.
  •  Can be joined with other graphite tubes with graphite based cement for continuous piping work.

  In order to reduce graphite oxidation in air, you may make SiC coating on graphite surface using the SiC paste . In order get longer tube service life, Please use quartz or alumia crucible to carry sample, instead loading sample directly inside tube,

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