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The use of graphite electrode materials

   Graphite electrode is usually used as extruded graphite materials, because of low resistivity of extruded graphite, conductive performance is good, the price is competitive

  Mold geometry increasing complexity and diversification of product applications has led to the discharge of sparks getting high accuracy requirements. Graphite electrodes are the advantages of easier machining, electrical discharge machining removal rate is high, small graphite loss, therefore, part of the group of sparks machine customers gave up and switched to the copper electrode graphite electrodes. In addition, some special shape of the electrodes can not be made of copper, but are more easily molded graphite and copper electrodes heavy, not suitable for processing large electrode, these factors have caused some group of sparks machine client application graphite electrodes.

Graphite electrode with good property

  The chemical stability: graphite at room temperature have a good chemical stability to acid, alkali and corrosion resistance to organic solvents.

  Thermal shock resistance: graphite used at room temperature can withstand dramatic changes in temperature without damage to live, when sudden changes in temperature, little change in the volume of graphite, will not crack.

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