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The right way to use the graphite crucible

  The service life of the graphite crucible is mainly affected by the way of using. Many customers say that their crucibles will be broken or crack after several times, and they think the problem is from the crucible quality, however,if we could use it in a better way or a right way,the service life will be longer.

  1、the storage of the graphite crucible.

  The graphite crucible is easy to be wet,because it’s easy to absorb the moisture of in the air,so it’s better to store the crucible in a dry place,it should not be in the wet place.

  2、Drying of crucible

  Before using each type of the crucible,it must be dry,and it should be put as bottom up display,the crucible should not be baked by flame. It should be in an indirect heating way to warm up or use the warm wind to bake.

  The temperature must be rise up little by little,the start temperature should be 60~80 centigrade,and the final temperature should be 150~200 centigrade.and the time to bake it should be 5~7days.

  3、the new crucible should not be used in the furnance under a very high temperature.it must be dried as the way above,then put it into the cold furnance,heating it slowly.keep it 1~2 hours(it depands on the size of the crucible),then heat the crucible to red colour,if no crack or broken under this situation,so there is no need to take it out,and we can put the metal inside under that situation,and the metal must be dry and pre-heated ones.(the coal used to heat the crucible is also dry).

  When the temperature reach 1300~1500 centigrade,the crucible will melt,and it will form sinter layer on the surface of the crucible,so the crucible can be used for a long time even under the low temperature.