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Carbon carbon composite material used in medical domain

  The carbon carbon composite material which used in the medical domain,is made of 3D carbon fiber perform and impregnated furfural resin, carbonization, chemical vaporized infiltration(CVI). It has all the good properties of carbon material,and also has a good biocompatibility and the similar modulus of elasticity as human skeleton,stable chemical property,high strength,light weight etc. but the disadvantage of carbon carbon composite material used for human skeleton is that the surface carbon particles of the CFC material will fall off,it’s not a small problem.the small partical will assimilated by macrophage or lymphocyte,however,the bigger particle will flow with the body fluid,and will be deposition at the body surface,and this situation will lead to the “black skin”. So it’s very important to produce and design the CFC material as per requirements for clinical applications to reduce the pollution to the body and increase the stability.

  In general, scholars use SEM and Shore hardness tester to observe the micro morphology and test the surface hardness. They also need to do plant experiment in animal to research the CFC biological property,and study the feasibility of human bone tissue replacement.

  Carbon carbon composite material as a new type carbon material,the material has an apparent similarity with the human bone. Traditional bone repair materials,such as metal, macromolecule, ceramic etc. to a certain extent,it can meet the effect of bone repair,but because of limitations of a single material,it hard to solve the patient suffering.

  Compared with the metal material,the surface hardness and modulus of elasticity is better than the metal ones. Now the problem is to solve the biological activity of the surface and carbon partical falling off. And the process optimization of carbon carbon composite material producing and surface modification are also important issues to be solved.