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Carbon carbon composite used for nozzle throat

  Carbon carbon composite material can be used in the national defense industry and aerospace industry.

  C/C composite material is made of PAN pre-oxidized fiber,use CVI and resin impregnation processing.it has a high specific strength,erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance,high temperature resistance,etc. After analogue simulation to the CVI processing of carbon carbon composite material and optimization of CVI processing,we could meet Computer automatic control of CVI processing and carbonization process,and reach the international advanced level.

  In the early days,the solid rocket motor nozzle is made of graphite material and high strength steel or aluminium alloy,the weight of them increased costs and reduce the working efficienfy of the engine.with the rapid development of composite materials,the carbon carbon composite material replace the graphite material. The C/C composite material is light in weight and high strength,high temperature resistance,the developing trend in future is to make full carbon nozzle which means using carbon carbon composite material as integration structure material of the nozzle.

  The throat is the main part of solid motor nozzle,the structure of it is sample,however,it’s the key parts. Among all the nozzle parts,the throat is in the worst environment,so the throat is easiest to be erosion. At present, high performance, large solid rocket motor nozzle general use carbon carbon composite material to make the throat.

  The carbon carbon composite throat is now used in apogee kick rocket engine, medium range missile engine and II stage engine of long-range strategic missile,after the developing of multi direction weaving C/C composite throat,the I and III stage engine of long-range strategic missile can also made of it.

  The failure behavior of carbon carbon composite throat is also important,the main factors include thermal contact resistance and ablation boundary, under the action of thermal stress, the fracture of the throat is broken.