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The main properties of carbon fiber

  1、Density is small, light quality. Mainly depends on the density of carbon fiber carbonization temperature, PAN based carbon fiber after 1000 E processing is 117 g/cm3 density, the temperature is above 2300 E processing, generally is 210 ~ 210 g/cm3 density, type and E glass fiber density of 2155 g/cm3, metal steel fiber density of 7180 g/cm3.

  2、High modulus (200 ~ 700 gpa), good rigidity, fatigue resistance, self-lubrication, small friction coefficient, wear-resisting performance is good. High modulus carbon fiber is also called the graphite fiber (GRF), generally between 92% ~ 96%, the carbon content PAN fiber M70J cornerstone ink for the theoretical value of modulus of 1020 gpa) (6717%, made in mitsubishi company recently K13C20 modulus # # 39 Beijing textile 22 (6) 900 gpa, 8812% of the theoretical value, the graphite fiber modulus continues to improve. Tests show that in the copper mixed with 25% of the carbon fiber can make its attrition rate down to the original l / 100, and add in plastic products, the attrition rate could be reduced to 1/1000 of the original.

  3、Thermal conductivity (10 to 213-1 K - 1), no heat, small thermal expansion coefficient (10-6 K - 1-111 @), dimension stability, especially in an inert atmosphere of excellent heat resistance. Thermal conductivity of carbon fiber with the temperature rising and falling, in 1500 when e is only when the room temperature of 15% ~ 30%. Its coefficient of thermal expansion anisotropy, parallel to the axial thermal expansion coefficient of fiber was much lower than perpendicular to the fiber axial, this defect with the epoxy resin composite and composite material is easy to produce cracks.

  4、Excellent conductivity (5 ~ 17 l8m), a non-magnetic, has the function of shielding electromagnetic wave at the same time of X-ray permeability is good. In addition, the carbon fiber also has to vibration absorption, is excellent for vibration attenuation function. 215 they can withstand oil, acid, corrosion resistant performance is good, good compatibility with biological performance. In addition to the strong oxidizer, generally such as concentrated hydrochloric acid, 30% sulfuric acid, and base on the doesn't work. The corrosion resistance of carbon fiber is better than glass fiber. 216 low axial shear modulus, breaking elongation is small, the impact resistance is poor, and after processing more difficult.