The use of Graphite gasket

  The graphite gasket be made By pure graphite plate or metal (teeth plate, plate, mesh) reinforced graphite plate cutting or punching, with many outstanding sealing performance, such as: thermal stability, self lubrication, corrosion resistance, aging, not brittle, etc., in the harsh conditions of the conditions can be used for a long time, very few need to maintain. Lining material can be different with different metal plate. Typeoptionalwithoutedge, inneredge, outsourcing side, inside and outside wrapping.

  Graphite cut gasket is from pure graphite plate punching or cutting into the, it has good corrosion resistance, resistant high / low temperature, good compression elasticity and high strength, a variety of circular complex geometric gasket is widely used in pipes, valves, pumps, pressure vessels, heat exchanger, condenser and generator, air compressor, exhaust pipe, a refrigerating machine.

  Raw materials

  Expandable graphite (flexible graphite) by pure natural graphite by chemical treatment and 1000 degrees of high temperature treatment, this material provides excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, can be very good to make gasket with high elasticity and low ductility characteristics.

  Second, characteristics: 1, in the extremely low temperature to 400 DEG C temperature range of sealing performance remained almost unchanged 2, almost of all of the liquid has excellent chemical resistance, strong oxidizing acids except) 3, as a result of the cold deformation and ductility is very small, install tight gasket has no effect.

  Graphite gasket to stone line materials, warp knitting and shaping. Graphite gasket used for high temperature, high pressure, strong corrosive medium under the work of all kinds of valves, pumps, reaction kettle and other equipment of the stuffing box sealing.