Carbon fiber sheet/panel/board.

  Carbon Fiber sheet is a product of great dimensional stability and ease of handling. The sheet consists of a carbon fiber fabric and an adhesive polymeric material, commonly epoxy resin, adhered to the surface of the carbon fiber fabric. Carbon fiber sheets are simple in structure, but offers many properties superior to its metal counterparts, which include low weight, good chemical resistance, anti-wearing, electrical insulation and low thermal conductivity.

  Carbon fiber sheets are commonly used in field of structural engineering, sport products, industrial manufacturing, automobile, military, aviation, and aerospace. BJgreatwall offers three types of Carbon fiber sheets: 100% unidirectional carbon fiber sheets(1K,3K,6K,12K,24K,48K), 100% bidirectional carbon fiber sheets(1K,3K,6K,12K), and hybrid carbon fiber sheets(Glass/Carbon hybrid, Aramid/carbon hybrid). The strengths of our carbon fiber materials can achieve up to T700. Among the products, we offer 3 types of weave (surface texture): plain,twill, satin and 4 types of finish :Matte , semi-gloss, gloss, high-gloss.

  Carbon fiber sheets that we manufactured here at BJgreatwall has great fiber uniformity, resin content uniformity and price. costumers are free to choose the surface textures, finishes, sizes, thickness and shapes of the sheets base on their demand. Furthermore, for those who seek, we also offer cutting and machining, logo printing/engraving services of our products.