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Advantages of graphite crucible for melting copper

  Crucible is mainly divided into three types of graphite crucible, clay crucible and metal crucible. In order to adapt to the development of social economy, people invented the innovation, expand the scope of its use, such as graphite crucible, silicon carbide crucible, electric furnace crucible, crucible, intermediate frequency furnace isostatic pressing graphite crucible, and so on. GW group, professional build graphite products for 30 years, this article is about the advantages of molten copper graphite crucible:

  (1) high heat conductivity, by using the high thermal conductivity graphite and other raw materials, shorten the melting time.

  (2) heat shock, heat shock performance is strong, for thermal shock, not easy to burst;

  (3) the high heat resistance, high refractoriness, resistant to 1200 ~ 1600 ℃ high temperature;

  (4) the erosion resistance, strong corrosive against molten soup;

  The molten copper graphite crucible is now smelting factory and foundry enterprises use most a configuration, it has special properties of solid, not only is only can resist high temperature and hot environment edify, can also is one of the best for heat conduction. In the process of use also is very not easy to deformation, there will not be heated as inflation is probably cold shrink problem. Very well under the environment of alternating use of. And its chemical properties are very stable, is not susceptible to decay and dissolved. Started in on the cold isostatic pressing molding in manufacturing, manufacturing pressure of 600 mpa. Make products internal structure symmetry in good condition, high strength. In the metal industry now, often have higher dissolution results. Its advantage lies in the crucible, and even can probably in low temperature environment, promote the melting of metals. And thus it can be seen, so that the oxidation resistance of the crucible and constant temperature black and white is often high. Is in the process of production, is widely used. And dealing with other products, molten copper graphite crucible without too much pollution, therefore sought by Volkswagen, its market demand also increases gradually.