Graphite lubricant

Graphite is a very good lubricant, and sometimes to graphite with Vaseline or motor oil are mixed together to form graphite lubricant, it can be used to replace oil lubricants operating in high temperature parts of the machine. Graphite lubricant is mainly iron and steel enterprises rolling machine with an important process of material consumption, the mandrel is in more than 900 degrees high temperature steel tube and withstand high rolling pressure state during to large relative sliding and steel pipe and high-performance Shi morun slip agent is whether the unit normal production essential factors.

For seamless steel pipe floating, box set, clamping mandrel lubricant for mandrel dairy, holding the patent technology of graphite, the lowest friction coefficient, good adhesion, off the stick performance good, soluble, good stability, application of solid low, the viscosity is 40 to 70 seconds.

Graphite lubricant, the lubricant is composed of graphite powder, sodium silicate, sodium silicate, sodium silicate, sodium silicate, and surfactant, wherein the weight of the lubricant is accounted for by 60-85%, the weight of the sodium silicate which accounts for 4-10%, the weight of the sodium silicate, and the weight of the surface active agent accounted for 0.2-1.5. According to the present invention and the existing technology, the high temperature lubrication characteristics of the lubricant are improved, and the wetting, spreading and emulsifying properties of the medium are improved.