High quality graphite material

  The graphite material can be divided into coarse grain structure, fine grain structure and fine grain structure from the structure , distinguished from molding method, it mainly can be divided into vibration molding graphite ,extruded molding graphite , molded graphite and isostatic pressing graphite.

  As all we known , the molded graphite material with high purity, low ash content , its carbon content is over 99.9%, it is a good choice of making crucible and other high quality products.at the same time, it has low ash,high thermal stability and high thermal conductive.It could be used in arc furnace as heat element. The using life is longer than the metal. And it has good oxidation resistance. It is easy to install and reduce the cost. Our graphite block also could used as raw material. It could be make crucible,mould and other graphite products.

  The advantages of the graphite material:Fine grain,the grain size of our isostatic graphite material can be several micron; Homogeneous structure; High density; Excellent thermal conductivity; High mechanical strength; Proper electrical conductivity; Minimum wettability to molten metals; Grain size, ash content, bulk density, electrical resistivity, bending strength, compressive strength, all can be customized.

  The application of the our graphite materials:Molds, chutes, sleeves, sheathes, linings, etc; in continuous casting systems for making shaped steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum; Sintering molds for cemented carbides and diamond tools; Sintering molds for electronic components; Electrodes for EDM; Heaters, heat shields, crucibles, boats in some industrial furnaces (such as furnaces for pulling monocrystalline silicon or optical fibers); Bearings and seals in pumps, turbines and motors.

  Our company can provide all kinds of the graphite materials which are in different applications.please feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our products or would like to discuss a custom order. We are looking forward to forming successful business relationships with new clients around the world in the near future.