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Graphene material and graphene based supercapacitor

  All countries in the world attach great importance to carrying out basic research on graphene and actively develop related industries. The study of graphene into 2008-2014 years earlier, total investment has exceeded 50 million US dollars; Singapore study of graphene, invested more than $150 million; South Korea plans to invest $350 million to carry out the study of graphene and the development of the business development, a detailed roadmap; the European Union early in 2013 started the "graphene flagship project". And the 10 year plan to invest 1 billion euros for research and development, industrialization and application of graphene to explore, to maximize the promotion of technological innovation. In addition, the EU has laid graphene based energy storage and conversion of graphene as one of the next four important research directions.

  China's research on graphene is also very active, has formed a government, research institutions and enterprises collaborative innovation research cooperation docking mechanism, greatly promoting the graphene technology research. The 2015 introduction of the "2025" key areas China manufacturing technology roadmap "has been included in one of the graphene in 13th Five-Year" focus on the development of new materials, clearly pointed out the future direction and path of the development of graphene industry for 10 years, and the development of the industry scale reached tons of goals, put forward new material "package" action and breakthrough graphenemonolayer "one-stop" application program.

  In 2016 the national key research project "nanotechnology" special focus on graphene will approved two graphene related special focus: macroscopic graphene bulk materials controllable preparation and its application in optoelectronic and other aspects of the key technologies of industrial carbon nano materials and science. All these measures listed graphene as an advanced basic material, key strategic materials and cutting-edge new materials.

  Graphene project will continue to increase in China in graphene research in the field of original exploration and forward-looking technology research and development efforts, and strive to strengthen the basic and key technology accumulation, industrial transformation, transformation of the timely implementation of the important application of the results, the gradual expansion of graphene materials application.

  It is worth noting that the scientific community and industry agree that graphene will first achieve industrial applications in energy storage devices. Believe that in the next 10 years, by building a number of graphene industry chain and set up a number of industrial agglomeration areas, more and more graphene products will continue to flow in the market.

  From the current market products, in energy storage, graphene mainly used as conductive additives in lithium ion battery electrode material and heat material, enhance the fast charging battery fast performance, cycle stability and safety performance. In the field of supercapacitors, graphene has the appropriate technical reserves, but the cost is much higher than activated carbon is a major obstacle.

  In order to meet the requirements of long life electronic devices need to be developed, high energy density, high power density, long cycle life of super capacitor, the need of the development of advanced preparation technology of synthesis of multi-level, the pore structure of graphene materials, and introducing more electrochemical active sites, improve the graphene stacking density, reduce ion the transmission distance, so as to obtain high performance electrode material.