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The use of graphite and refractory

1, For the refractory material: graphite article having properties of high temperature and high strength, the metallurgical industry mainly used to manufacture a graphite crucible, commonly used in the steel ingot of graphite as a protective agent, a metallurgical furnace lining.

2, As the conductive material: the electrode, the cathode brushes, carbon rod, carbon tubes, mercury positive converter, graphite gaskets, phone parts, television picture tube coatings used for manufacturing in the electrical industry.

3, For wear and lubrication materials: graphite as a lubricant in the machinery industry often. Lubricants are often not on the premise of high speed, high temperature, high pressure use, and the wear-resistant material may be graphite (a) 200 ~ 2000 ℃ temperature at high sliding speeds, no lubricating oil work. Many aggressive media delivery device, widely used graphite materials piston cups, seals and bearings, do not need adding oil when they run. Graphite is a lot of good milk metalworking lubricants (Roberts, trombone) is used.

4, Graphite has good chemical chaos. Through special processing of graphite with corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, low bleed characteristics penetration, it is used extensively for the production of heat exchangers, reaction tank, condenser, burning towers, absorption, coolers, heaters, filter, pump equipment. Widely used in petrochemical, hydrometallurgy, acid production, synthetic fibers, paper and other industrial sectors, can save a lot of metal materials.

5, For forging, foundry, die and pyrometallurgical Materials: graphite because of thermal expansion coefficient, and thermal shock resistant to change, as the glass molds, the use of graphite black metal castings get accurate dimensions, smooth surface finished rate, without processing or minor processing can be used, thus saving a lot of metal. Produced carbide powder metallurgy process, usually graphite material die and sintering of porcelain boat. Monocrystalline silicon crystal growth crucible, regional refining vessel, stand fixtures, induction heaters, etc. are processed using high-purity graphite. Also can be made of graphite graphite vacuum insulation panels and smelting base, high-temperature resistance furnace tubes, rods, plates, sheds and other cell components.

6,For the atomic energy industry and defense industry: Graphite has good neutron moderator for atomic reactors, uranium-graphite reactors are currently used more of a nuclear reactor. As used in nuclear reactor power reduction material should have a high melting point, is not chaos, performance erosion resistant, graphite can meet these requirements. As a nuclear reactor with high purity graphite, impurity content should not exceed dozens of PPM. Particularly wherein the boron content should be less than 0.5PPM. In the defense industry, but also with graphite parts manufacturing solid fuel rocket nozzle, missile nose cones, Astronauts equipment, insulation and anti-radiation materials.

7, Graphite can prevent boiler scale, the unit tests showed the water by adding a certain amount of graphite powder (with a ton of water, about 4 to 5 grams) to prevent fouling of the boiler surfaces. Also graphite coated on metal chimneys, roofs, bridges, pipelines can corrosion and rust.

8, Can be used for graphite pencil, paint, polish. After the graphite through a special process that can produce a variety of special materials for the relevant industrial sectors.

In addition, graphite is still light industry, glass and paper polishing agents and rust inhibitors, is to create a pencil, ink, black ink and synthetic diamond, diamond indispensable raw materials. It is a good energy-saving materials, the United States has used it as a car battery. Followed by the development of modern science and technology and industry applications of graphite is constantly expanding, and has become an important raw material in the field of new high-tech composite materials, has an important role in the national economy.