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Advantages of graphite crucible and the matters needing attention

The performance of the graphite crucible with excellent wear resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and so on. Use the graphite crucible, not only can improve the service life, reduce the current consumption, but also can save energy and reduce the system load. At the same time, the graphite crucible for energy saving, environmental protection also play a very important role. Based on the above advantages, graphite crucible factory in tianjin is also our very reliable manufacturer.

Graphite crucible is made from natural high quality graphite refined but become, have good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance, high temperature environment used in the thermal expansion is not only the number is small, but also has thermal shock resistance strain performance, acid and alkali resistant with excellent chemical stability. Multiple variety and complete specifications, used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, casting and other industrial sectors, the steel smelting and smelting non-ferrous metal and alloy also has been the most widely used.

When we use graphite crucible is also necessary to pay attention to matters, graphite crucible need to guard against damp, care must be taken in a dry place or the gallows, when handling light to take light put, it is forbidden to shock. Before use must be in the hot oven drying equipment or stove, let the temperature gradually rises to 500 ℃, avoid the furnace cover wear and tear of the following should be on the front plane of crucible crucible. Graphite crucible when feeding should be according to the crucible solvent quantity, not charging too much, too tight to avoid expansion of crucible. Tools and crucible clip out to conform to the crucible shapes, clip the department to avoid local stress damage the crucible. Both inside and outside the removal of crucible wall gently slag and stick cokes to avoid damage to the crucible. Should keep a proper distance between the furnace wall crucible, crucible should be placed on the center of the furnace. In the use of excessive accelerant, additives will reduce the service life of crucible. Finally, in use process by rotating the crucible every week, can prolong the service life of crucible.