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The raw material of graphite sheet-expansible graphite

  Graphite sheet is widely used in the industry of electric power, oil, chemical, instrument, machinery and diamond etc.it’s an ideal new type sealing material and could replace rubber, fluoroplastics and asbestos in using for pipe,pump, valve.

  With the acceleration of electronic product upgrading,and smaller and smaller and the demand for radiator pipe of high performance electronic devices, the new technology of heat dissipation of electronic products, that is, graphite material heat dissipation has been widely used.this kind of new graphite heat dissipation material take advantage of the heat dissipation efficiency, small footprint, light in weight, heat conduction along the two directions etc.

  We know that the flexible graphite,like graphite sheet, is made of the natural flake graphite,acturally,the natural graphite need to be further processing to expansible graphite and then to used for flexible graphite.

  Under appropriate conditions, acid, alkali metal, salt, can be inserted into the graphite layers, and combine with carbon atoms,to form new chemical phase——Graphite layers of compound,this compound could break down instantly when the temperature become fit. expand graphite along the C axis to form a new substances,and that is the expansible graphite.

  After intercalation, deintercalate, extrusion, pressing,the crystal structure of expansible graphite is still not changed so the chemical stability and corrosion resistance of expanded graphite is good,it has a good stability almost to all of the acid, alkali, salt, organic solvents, oils, etc.it can be applied to pH 0~14.

  The flexible graphite sheet is only one production of the expansible graphite,it could also used to make expanded graphite yarn, braided graphite tape, braided expanded graphite cloth, braided graphite tube/sleeving, die-formed graphite ring etc.