Graphite sheet

  Graphite sheet is a new kind of heat conduction and heat dissipation material. It can transmit heat evenly in two directions. It can shield the heat source and components and improve the performance of consumer electronic products.

  With the acceleration of the upgrading of electronic products and the growing demand for thermal management of mini, high integration and high performance electronic equipment.

  This new solution of natural graphite, high radiation efficiency, small space occupation, light weight, uniform heat conduction along two directions, eliminate the "hot spots", performance of shielding heat sources and components and improvement of consumer electronic products.

  Heat dissipation principle of graphite sheet:

  A typical thermal management system consists of an external cooling device, a radiator, and a thermal cross section.

  The important function of the fins is to create the most effective surface area on which the heat is transferred and the external cooling medium is removed. The graphite heat sink is used to distribute heat evenly over the two-dimensional surface, which effectively transfers the heat and ensures that the component operates at the temperature under which it is applied.

  Features: the surface can be combined with metal, plastic, self-adhesive and other materials to meet more design functions and needs.

  Excellent thermal conductivity: 150 ~ 1200W/m.k, better than metal heat conduction.

  Light quality, only 1 to 1.3 of the proportion of soft, easy to operate.

  Low thermal resistance. Black color. The thickness of the graphite sheet: 0.012-1.0mm glue: 0.03 mm ultrathin 0.012MM

  Thermal conductivity; planar conduction; 300-1200W/m.k; vertical conduction; 20-30 W/m.k

  Temperature resistance 400 DEG C

  Low thermal resistance: thermal resistance is 40% lower than aluminum, 20% lower than copper

  Light: 25% lighter than aluminum, 75% lighter than copper

  High thermal conductivity: graphite heat sink can be smoothly attached to any flat and curved surface, and can be cut in any form according to the needs of customers.

  Graphite flake main use:

  Applied to notebook computers, high-power LED lighting, flat panel display, digital cameras, mobile phones and personal assistant equipment, etc..