Graphite sheet foil tape paper

  The graphite sheet foil , usually, we named it “graphite paper”, it's made of high pure graphite after high temperature expanded.Graphite sheet foil is a kind of totally new thermal & radiating material, heat conducting evenly along two directions, shielding with heat and component while improving the performance of the consumer electronic products.

  As a new generation heat spreader material, thermal management graphite sheet foil offers a unique combination of excellent heat stability, weight savings, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion and anti-corrosion to the thermal management industry. It outperforms the traditional heat spreader materials, such as aluminum, copper and so on.It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance and good elasticity.For the smart phone, due to it is as the mobile internet terminal, energy dissipation is high and time remaining is long, it asks relatively larger for the test of hardware, smart phone manufacturers improve thermal dissipation through reasonable design of thermal solution to reduce energy dissipation!

  Graphite sheet foil has provided valuable thermal solutions in a variety of industries and applications, including handheld communication devices, LCD, PDP, LED, CPU, MPU, automobile electronics, power amplifier and other electronics. It will not only miniaturize the electronic components, but also save the weight, lower the cost, improve the safety, optimize the energy efficiency and prolong the operating life.Ultrathin thin graphite paper thermal interface material is a quite right simple and useful thermal dissipation applied material, it has been widely used in smart phone thermal solution.

  Our company also can produce flexible graphite roll,flexible graphite tape,99% high carbon content graphite paper in rolls,flat flexible graphite tape and metal mesh reinforced graphite sheet,we can provide the customized graphite sheet/foil/paper/tape products according to the customer’s different requirements and applications.