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The brief introduction of Electronic graphite paper

  Electronic graphite paper called Electronic Paper (E-Paper), also known as digital paper (Digital Paper), paper (Paper-Like, Display) display is similar to a visual effect of electronic and paper display device, which is easy to read, easy to carry and low power consumption characteristics.

  Flexible electronic graphite paper made from flexible substrate material can be light, coiled or folded like paper to be portable. At present, flexible electronic graphite paper can be made of plastic, thin metal and ultra-thin glass substrate. Flexible graphite paper in the whole structure can be divided into "front panel" (Front Plane) and the "backboard" (Back Plane) the two part, the front plate mainly refers to the display of electronic paper medium graphite outer rear part, mainly refers to the driving circuit of electronic part of the graphite paper.

  If you are now holding a "Microcomputer", it can bring completely different from the liquid crystal display comfortable visual perception, why is that? We can see the paper because it reflects ambient light to our eyes: the white part of the environment a lot of reflection light; and the black text (ink) will absorb a lot of light, so that the text is part of the reflected light is relatively non reducing the number of parts of the text, so in our eyes on the formation of the "white black words" feeling. The feature of the paper is to display the content by reflecting the ambient light, and the light reflection is as high as 65%, which can obtain higher brightness, contrast and visual angle of view (close to 180 degrees).

  Really will find, in accordance with the light produced by the way of electronic display medium can be divided into two types, one is relying on the divergent light source imaging itself "(e.g. LCD display), another is reflected by environmental light imaging" (Shi Mozhi). The example of the previous paper tells us that reflective electronic display materials have higher reading comfort, and electronic graphite paper is such a display material that works by reflected light.

  Now people pay more attention to portable devices, but by a variety of portable battery powered devices are facing life issues, so in order to make a difference in this field must meet two conditions: low voltage and low power consumption. Because of this, the electronic graphite paper usually adopts the bitable display technology with very low power consumption".

  The so-called bitable display devices (Bitable, Display), that is, pixels have "bright" and "dark" two stable display status, and in the absence of external voltage, to maintain its display content unchanged. Generally speaking, bitable display can keep or "memory" display content in the case of low power consumption or "zero power consumption", and load instantaneous driving voltage only when updating the display content.

  Brightness and contrast are the key factors to determine the legibility of electronic graphite paper, so high brightness and high contrast will undoubtedly be an important point in the development of electronic graphite paper technology. Color display has a richer and more realistic visual effects, color electronic paper high quality graphite has stronger competitiveness and greater market demand, many manufacturers and research institutions are currently in efforts across the technical difficulties fall over each other electronic paper display color graphite. Dynamic display is the premise of wider use of electronic graphite paper, so all kinds of new electronic graphite paper technology are trying to break through the bottleneck of response speed, so as to realize the display of dynamic image.