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Carbon carbon composite material

  1.carbon/carbon composites, refers to in carbon fiber (or graphite) and its fabric as the reinforced material, carbon (or graphite) as matrix, through processing and handling all the carbon composite material made of carbide.

  Carbon/carbon composite material is carbon fiber reinforced carbon composites, light quality, good erosion resistance, good thermal shock, high damage tolerance, high temperature and high strength, can be designed as a prominent feature, is used in aviation, spaceflight, circuit level and the production of solar energy silicon, high temperature furnace and other applications.

  2. carbon - carbon composite material performance characteristics

  (1) physical properties: C/C composites at high temperature after heat treatment, the chemical composition of carbon element is higher than 99%, low density, with strong affinity, high melting point, due to carbon with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal shock performance good characteristic, acid, alkali, salt.

  (2) mechanical properties: reflect the mechanical behavior of C/C composites is strength and modulus of elasticity, resistance to friction and wear performance is good.

  (3) the high temperature stability: C/C composites at room temperature strength can keep up to 2500 ℃, is not sensitive to the thermal stress, ablation resistance performance is good.

  (4) comprehensive performance evaluation: C/C composites at room temperature strength and elastic modulus, good production C/C composites link, saves materials and manufacturing cost, safety and high reliability.

  3. carbon carbon composite material manufacturing technology

  In the choice of technology to the preparation of C/C composites, should according to the requirements of the C/C application first choose to use what kind of fiber and matrix, and then determine the preparation of the fiber and matrix material to be used.

  (1) carbon fiber preparation technology, the preparation of carbon fibers using different raw materials, the process is slightly different. If use polyacrylonitrile, acrylonitrile polymerization, spinning, used as flame treatment, carbonization, eventually forming products. If use asphalt, coarse asphalt refining, melt spinning, the final carbonization. The quality of C/C first depends on the quality of carbon fiber.

  (2) weaving technology: weaving techniques can be divided into one-way weaving and knitting garment. Weaving for at least 2 to garment, to up to 11. Also can be divided into machine weaving and knitting. And subdivided into radial knitting machine and weft knitting. Machine knitting technology was unable to get their products fluff or break easily and widely used; Hand-woven technology because of its product does not exist the faults of knitwear and widely used at home and abroad. Currently use more is wound by hand woven and cross weaving, more advanced weaving is targeted.

  (3) technology: the formation of woven textiles after for the densification process. Dense technology is divided into liquid impregnation, solid immersion and gas impregnation technology. The current application more is chemical vapor deposition technology.

  (4) the development of the technology: chemical vapor infiltration process, computer simulation, the C/C composite material density technology, carbon/carbon technology.

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