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High quality isostatic graphite block rod

  The isostatic gaphite rod and block formed by means of cold isostatic pressing (CIP) technique, isostatic graphite is characterized by its homogeneous structure and excellent isotropic electrical, thermal and mechanical properties.

  Its features are as following: Fine grain; Homogeneous structure; Isotropic properties;High density and high mechanical strength;High thermal and chemical resistance;High resistance to thermal shock; Proper electrical conductivity;Higher oxidation resistance; Lower ash content.

  Sometimes it is purified in special-designed graphitization furnace to remove non-carbonaceous impurities. It is widely used in various industrial and scientific engineering as a structural and/or functional material.

  The graphite block rod can be used for making graphite plate, graphite tube, graphite crucible, graphite rotor and shaft and so on. It widely used in electron industry, chemical industry, mechanical industry, aviation industry, manufacturing industry, metallurgic industry and so on, such as anode, cathode, bipolar plate, vacuum furnace, water treatment, hydrogen fuel cell, electrode, casting, glass factory, heat conduction, lubricant, mold industry, vacuum pump.

  High purity isostatic graphite rod and block is mainly used for electrodes, anodes, cathodes, heating elements, resistors, fluxing/degassing tubes, molds, crucibles, special structural parts, etc. in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, chemical & electro-chemical industry, energy management, glass & ceramics, transportation and other industries.

  Its detailed applications are as below :Molds in continuous casting systems for making shaped steel, cast iron, copper; Sintering molds for cemented carbides, diamond tools and electronic components; Molds for making shaped glass; Crucibles for melting precious metals or alloys; Electrodes for EDM;Heating elements, heat shields, crucibles, boats in furnaces for pulling monocrystalline silicon or optical fibers; Anodes for production of manganese dioxide, metallic magnesium and rare metals.

  Our company also produce other grade graphite materials such as molded graphite , extruded graphite and vibrated graphite.please contact us for the further discussion if you have the demands of our graphite block rod or other products.