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The reason why the service life of graphite is shorter?

  Graphite is an allotrope of elemental carbon around each carbon atom connected with the other three carbon atoms (the arrangement of a plurality of hexagonal honeycomb type) by covalent bond, covalent molecular composition. Because each atom emits an electron, the electrons are free to move, so the graphite belongs to the conductor. Graphite is one of the softest minerals, and its uses include the manufacture of pencil cores and lubricants.

  Found that graphite parts life tend to be much shorter than expected life often in the production of silicon, due to the replacement of graphite device number and electric energy consumption of the graphite calcinations, in addition to increase production cost of enterprise, but also restricts the effective capacity of volatile. Next, TEGW CARBON GROUP will tell you that this situation occurs mainly in the following aspects of the reasons:

  1, material selection is wrong

  Because of the different roles of graphite in the thermal field, the material used will be different. Usually, the electrode, connecting rod, heater, heater screw, graphite crucible, draft tube, draft tube support ring and heat preservation cylinder should be manufactured by isostatic pressing and high strength graphite material, so as to meet the actual needs of production.

  Other parts, such as chassis, reflector plate, leak proof plate, upper cover plate and so on, can be produced by extrusion or graphite with medium coarse structure. The premise is that the production can meet the production requirements.

  2, the design is unreasonable

  In the use of graphite parts, some graphite problems appear to occur and accidents, in fact, many are caused by defects in the design.

  Therefore, in the design of graphite parts, in addition to consider the level of the material itself, specifications, but also must take full account of the strength of graphite parts in use, and to determine its geometric size.

  3, improper use

  In the use of many graphite parts, the rupture of graphite crucible occupies a large proportion, and the improper use is the main reason that cannot be ignored in the cause of this situation.

  Under normal circumstances, 1 18 "or 20" of the graphite crucible available about 45 heats, but very much although graphite crucible problem did not occur in the design, material selection, processing, calcinations, but still very short service life, and some of the graphite crucible after the breakdown from the section view far reaching its natural loss they should have.