Large size graphite crucible

  Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. It has small thermal expansion coefficient and has a certain strain resistance to hot and rapid cooling in the process of high temperature use. The corrosion resistance of acid and alkaline solution is strong, and it has excellent chemical stability. It is widely used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical industry, smelting of alloy tool steel and smelting of nonferrous metals and their alloys, and has better technical and economic results.

  Our company can machine all of the sizes the graphite crucibles for different application with the molded graphite or isostatic graphite materials. We can machine the graphite crucibles according to the customer’s dimension requirements or drawings accurately.

  Many of the customers will need the large size graphite crucibles such as 100kg, 150kg even 500kg capacity. That will be our graphite silicon carbide can be used in various industrial furnaces, such as vaccum furnace, induction furnace, sintering furnace, soldering furnace, ion nitriding furnace, vacuum quenching furnace, tantalum niobium smelting furnace etc. This graphite crucible can be used for various non-ferrous metal smelting, such as aluminum, gold, silver, copper, precious metal etc.

  The advantages of our large size graphite crucibles:.Large sizes, different sizes design according to customer’s requirements; Max temperature resistance 3200 C degree; High purity, Good strength; Graphite crucible can be treated by special coating process, resists oxidation and maximizes service lifespan; Exact machining of graphite crucibles.

  The large size graphite crucible for melting copper has a long service life, but it is also built on the basis of routine maintenance. For example, although the graphite crucible has high temperature resistant performance, but if we do not pay attention to the cooling,sometimes it will affect their use and life, such as a cold water poured directly above the cooling is not desirable.